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In the upcoming week before the Show, 14th-20th October, it just so happens to be National Baking Week!

National Baking Week was founded in 2007, for the purpose of showing people the benefits of baking, for which there are many. Not only does it mean feasting on tasty bakes, but baking stimulates the senses, makes us feel good, is meditative, creative and makes other people happy.

The first bread is thought to have been made in Neolithic times nearly 15,000 years ago, and the world’s oldest oven was discovered in Croatia in 2014 after having been preserved underground for 6,500 years. Baking was boosted in the 20th century after new preservation methods were discovered as well as the increased availability of baking ingredients.

And now, baking is celebrated all over the world in so many ways. From cakes and cookies to doughnuts and muffins. For all occasions and tastes, there is a baked good for everyone. Why not celebrate the end of National Baking Week by exploring the world of baking at the Show?

Stroll through hundreds of exhibitor stands explore the variety of baked goods in store. Visit the Baking Super Theatre or Decorating & Sugarcraft Stage and partake in a demonstration to improve your baking skills even further. You can even enter the Official Cake Competition 2022 and put your baking skills to the ultimate test. While you’re at it, have a look at the Cake & Bake Display Tables, full of gorgeously crafted wedding and celebration cakes.

There’s so much to see and do at the Show and it’s the perfect way to end National Baking Week.