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Simone - Sims Sweets

Simone - Sims Sweets

Hey lovelies my name is Simone, and I am the owner of Sims Sweets. In 2019 I was in need of a last-minute cake; I couldn’t find one in time so I bravely decided to make one myself. I took it to the party, and it was a huge hit :-D Friends and family began asking me for cakes and I began to love making them. My hobby soon turned into a profitable business and I was able to quit my job and start to focus on my cake business full time. I now have a growing social media following of over 35k, reels reaching over 3 million views, i teach cake decorating classes, have an online Cake Academy with students worldwide, an online shop and have made cakes for celebrities & influencers. I absolutely love what i do and love sharing all I have learnt over the years with new aspiring bakers.



Buttercream & Christmas Bento Box Masterclass

How to master buttercream with my sort after buttercream recipe & method. Together we will then create Christmas themed bento boxes using various piping techniques to decorate a 5-inch cake and cupcakes. Bento boxes are the perfect gift and a great way to boost your sales over Christmas.