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Christina Georgiou

Christina Georgiou

Founder, Tasteful Cakes

Hi! I’m Christina Georgiou,

Passionate about Sugar Art, Cake Designing, Teaching & being an amazing mum to my beautiful little boy.

Artistically, my passion and my talent generate from both sides of my family as my great grandad was a baker and the other an artist. So, I’m proudly a combination of two men I never knew. Life’s funny like that.

My happiest days are spent designing personalized cakes or drinking tea, laughing and teaching like-minded creative people.



Sugar Rose Made Easy - Elevate Your Cake Designs

 Ready to level up your cake decorating skills? Join our class and unlock the secrets of creating stunning sugar rose – perfect for topping Christmas or any celebration cake. Learn my simple yet effective technique that's designed for all levels. Get ready to impress as you master the favoured flower of the cake decoration world. With the ability to customize colours, you'll have the ultimate skill to elevate any cake.

Sugar Modelling - Create Festive Cake Toppers

Ready to dive into some festive fun? Join a workshop with Christina from Tasteful Cakes learn how to make an adorable fondant Santa sugar model. No experience is needed – it's perfect for those wanting to try their hand at modelling. I'll guide you through each step focusing on the important shapes, using templates and show you the secret to getting the proportions just right every time! So, together let's roll up our sleeves, have some creative fun, and give those Christmas cakes a jolly upgrade!