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September marks a very important month, SOURDOUGH SEPTEMBER!

Since its launch in 2013, Sourdough September has become a big event in the baking community. It all started with the aims to bake genuine sourdough bread, buy sourdough from independent small bakers and to boost the Real Bread Campaign (the charity behind this very important month).

The entire month gives bread bakers across the world the chance to share their talent of making sourdough bread. Initially starting as a campaign, this month-long bread holiday has turned into a food celebration, and we love it. Tag us in your sourdough creations on  Instagram

If you aren’t confident in your bread making skills, we have the incredible Rebecca Bishop coming to the show to do a sourdough masterclass (one not to miss). She is offering educational lessons, Rebecca will be teaching you how to maintain a healthy sourdough culture that’s  ready to make  great bread, and advice sessions on how to write a cook book!


Stock up on everything you need to create the perfect cakes and bakes, and most importantly sourdough bread! Matthews Cotswold flour is apart of the family this year and is there to help you get all the best products to be the best baker.


If you want to learn more about Sourdough September, visit