5 - 7 October 2018LONDON

Lyle Main

This year Lyle’s Golden Syrup® is delighted to bring you the Super Theatre at the Cake & Bake show where a full programme of famous faces and star speakers from the cake world will take to the stage to present a series of daily delicious demos. Come along, it’s FREE to join.

Lyle’s Golden Syrup® is amongst the oldest and most iconic brands in the world – an enduring Victorian legacy which holds pride of place in millions of kitchen store cupboards. Enjoyed since 1883 when Abram Lyle started production of the then called ‘Goldie’ syrup on the banks of the River Thames at Plaistow, East London, where production remains today. Abram’s now iconic green and gold tin holds the Guinness World Record for the oldest unchanged brand packaging.

The authentic, unmistakable taste of Lyle’s Golden Syrup® has been included in family recipes through the generations. Adding a sweet caramelised golden touch to everything from biscuits and cakes, porridge and pancakes to savoury favourites, BBQ glazes and marinades. Whether in the iconic tins, or no mess easy to squeeze breakfast, dessert or baking bottles, Lyle’s brings a smile to every kitchen cupboard. Sticky but Worth it.