5 - 7 October 2018LONDON


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This year Tate & Lyle® are delighted to bring you the Baking Academy at the Cake & Bake show. Brimming with top baking talent, they will be showcasing how to make their best bakes.

The origins of Tate & Lyle® Sugars dates back to East London in 1878, when Henry Tate established the Thames refinery specialising in the production of sugar cubes. A few years later, Abram Lyle established a sugar refinery and produced the soon to be famous Lyle’s Golden Syrup®. In 1921, the two merged together to become Tate & Lyle®, a partnership which would last for centuries to come.

Since then, Tate & Lyle® Sugars have become a beloved British household name with a proud tradition of high quality and innovative products and a commitment to Fairtrade.

We offer a wide range of sugars tailored to different bakers’ needs, such as Golden Caster, Golden Granulated, Demerara, Dark Soft Brown and many more. Our products are made of cane sugar, which has great versatility, characterised by its fruity aroma and a marvellous sweet aftertaste. The different brown and golden sugars add special textures and tastes to your baking.

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