1 - 3 October 2021 LONDON

Becky Excell is a food influencer and baking blogger who specialises in all things gluten free. Having had to avoid gluten for over 10 years, she prides herself on creating recipes that ‘you’d never know were gluten free’ and sharing them with her 180,000+ followers.

Her blog has won numerous awards including ‘best baking blog 2018’ and this year she was nominated for ‘food influencer of the year’ and ‘best Allergy and Free From Blog’. She’s collaborated with brands like Innocent, Waitrose, Nutella and appeared on BBC radio multiple times talking all things gluten free.

In the past, she’s written for publications like The Metro, the Independent and Asda magazine; sharing her advice on how to make gluten free and free from life easier.

Becky has always been a baker at heart, having spent much of her childhood standing on a chair, helping her Mum bake. But when her whole world had to go gluten free, it turned her baking world upside-down. It turns out that gluten free baking isn’t always as simple as using gluten free flour instead of regular flour!

Gluten free food often drags around its own misconceptions of not being as nice as ‘regular’ food. That’s why Becky has dedicated her blogging career to proving to the world that gluten free food can taste exactly the same with a little sprinkle of know how. She’s a firm believer in creating food that everyone can enjoy together - whether you’re gluten free or not.

When she’s not in the kitchen, you’ll find her on the sofa with her Miniature Schnauzer Peggy, likely on Instagram or writing up a blog post. Always on her phone or laptop, as usual!