1 - 3 October 2021 LONDON

Karen Wright was a competitor in the 2018 season of The Great British Bake Off, leaving the tent along with fellow competitor Terry Hartill at the half way point week five. Karen gained some non-baking related notoriety due to munching her way through a bag of crisps during the first episode.

Karen has always enjoyed baking and cooking but took an interest in cake decorating in 2015 and taught herself techniques using books and the internet. In 2017 her daughters encouraged her to apply for the competition, but Karen quickly realised that she was lacking in many areas, bread making and pastries to name but two. Not to be put off she did a crash course in teaching herself the basics and forged ahead with the application.

Karen is a colourful person both in personality and style, she is very fond of bold designs, sparkles, stripes and berets, and during the competition it was always easy to recognise her bakes from the designs and colours she chose to use.

Karen has an interest in cooking and baking using minimal equipment and developing recipes suitable for camping holidays, as she has spent all her life enjoying the camping lifestyle but also has spent seven years working in the industry and living in a caravan as she travelled around to work.

Consequently, as a result of being on the television programme Karen is excited to encourage others to step up and embrace challenges and push forward and out of their comfort zones.