1 - 3 October 2021 LONDON

Chocolate is a way of life for Andrew Thwaite. He is never happier than when he is working with it, talking about it, learning about it or sharing his sweet skills with other people. He understands how to make a successful business out of it just as well as he knows how to tease your taste buds with it. His passion is enriching other people’s lives with chocolate and has done that successfully for more than 20 years and with some of the biggest names in the chocolate industry, such as Barry Callebaut, de Zaan, Keylink and many others. During his career he has been a manager, a strategist, a consultant and a teacher but above all has remained a natural-born chocolatier.

Andrew has been fortunate to travel the world, meeting fellow chocolate professionals and visiting some of the best chocolatiers in the world, as well as cocoa plantations in Africa and Latin America and many chocolate factories around the world, he has even created his own signature milk chocolate. He takes inspiration from many sources, foods, places, exhibitions and many others. He visits exhibitions, trade fairs and enters competitions to ensure he stays bang up to date with current trends, ingredients, machinery, techniques and packaging. It is safe to say that Andrew literally lives and breathes chocolate, everything about it fascinates him, origins, history, harvesting and manufacture, his thirst for knowledge never stops.

Andrew is now at a stage in his life where everything has come together and he is relishing the opportunity to experiment with new ideas – including launching his own Training and consultancy business under the name, Andrew Thwaite Chocolatier – and ‘give something back’ to the chocolate industry that has so positively influenced his life by teaching and training others in the art of chocolate work – for Andrew Thwaite the future is definitely chocolate!