4 - 6 October 2019LONDON

Yes, it’s cake!

At our 2018 show, we showed off our life-sized, show-stopping cake masterpiece that was specially created by Rosie Cake Diva for the show. Keep your eyes peeled for information on the shostopper for our 2019 show!


Rosie Dummer may be known as a bit of a Cake-Diva but we have really tested her this time. For our ‘Around the World in 80 Cakes’ theme we decided to highlight our national treasure Big Ben and asked Rosie to create, not only a worthy edible feature piece, but a working one too! Yes, the challenge to have our very own working Big Ben not only puts London visually at the centre of our Around the World theme but we can hopefully get to hear it too.

The six foot structure is made from Sweet Success Vanilla Cake and frosting and decorated with M&B sugarpaste. The working clock is a result of hours of trial, error and frustration. Let’s hope that ours will be running on time.

Rosie says of the challenge, "The whole Big Ben cake project was really daunting. I obviously wanted the cake to be instantly recognisable, but also to surprise people as it would really tell the time. Within the space we have available at the show we decided to concentrate on the main part of the clock tower so that we could go to town on all the amazing detail that people rarely see up close. It’s a monumental task for any cake maker and adding in a clock mechanism was exciting, especially whilst the real clock is out of action."

“People always ask how long my creations take to make. I really struggle to answer because cake artists don’t work normal hours. Once the cake is in it really is a race to finish the piece whilst the cake is fresh. I do as much as I can before the cake goes in and that includes not only the planning and structure but also the icing details which will last very well. I have been planning this particular cake for months with the work ramping up in the 2 weeks before the show. Once the cake goes in, I can assure you that 16 hour days are pretty standard.”

“This piece is really took me out of my comfort zone but as always it wouldn’t be worthy of the Cake and Bake Show unless we pushed the boundaries just a little."

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More about Rosie Cake-Diva...

Multi award-winning Cake Artist, Rosie Dummer AKA Rosie Cake Diva, is a regular on TV and Radio and is currently starring in Channel 4’s hit series, Extreme Cake Makers.

Initially the first female helicopter pilot with the British Army, Rosie flew Lynx Anti-Tank Helicopters with the Army Air Corps before retiring to have a family. She made a huge career step-change by joining the baking community and combines that with her role as a presenter, public speaker and MC, having co-hosted the Cake Masters Magazine awards for the past 5 years. She has had her own TV series on The Craft Channel and presented her own shows on BBC Radio.

With over a million followers on Facebook and a popular YouTube Channel, Rosie shows Bakers of all standards how to make their own impressive cakes.

Her cakes range from winning Wedding Cake of the Year Award in 2012 to making life-sized edible creations that have been eaten by Celebrities on TV and even a 7ft Soldier that has been eaten by a Battalion of Grenadier Guards at Buckingham Palace.

Rosie’s British Bulldog Cake for last year’s Cake and Bake Show is one of her favourite creations. It was featured in Season 2 of Extreme Cake Makers and can still be seen on All4 (ep 29). We’re so excited to see what Rosie Creates for us this year.


Twitter: @rosiecakediva

Instagram: @rosiecakediva

Facebook: @rosiecakediva