OGGS® offers a range of scrummy vegan cakes ranging from victoria sponge, chocolate fudge to mini vanilla cupcakes which all taste as good as you’ve always known them whilst being kinder on the planet, animals and people. So far, OGGS® has saved an incredible total of 1,562,473 eggs which means over 270,000 chickens have been given the week off! Pretty cool right?!

Visit stand J50 where not only you will be able to taste their product range but you’ll have the chance to be able to buy OGGS® products on promotion during the event only!

And we don’t just stop there... We have some more exciting news to share with you. Do you want to discover a new cooking and baking experience? OGGS® Aquafaba is UK’s 1st Liquid Egg Alternative, which will also be showcasing at the event. Join OGGS® on Saturday 2nd October and Sunday 3rd October at 15:30 at the Cake & Bake Theatre where Lucy will be demonstrating how easy it is to swap eggs to OGGS® to make Vegan Meringues.