Discover a new chocolate experience with the latest additions to the Lindt Excellence range: three new milk chocolate variants, made with 45%, 55% and 65% cocoa content.

Developed with only the finest quality ingredients, the new Excellence range combines all the smooth creaminess of milk chocolate with the benefits of high cocoa content.

Carefully crafted by the Lindt Master Chocolatiers, Lindt Excellence High Cocoa Milk offers the perfect balance of refinement, quality and indulgence. Since 1845, Lindt’s Master Chocolatiers have followed their passion for chocolate all over the world, seeking out the finest-grade cocoa beans.

Experience well-rounded notes of cocoa and hints of deep caramel with Lindt Excellence Milk Chocolate 45% Cocoa.

Lindt Excellence Milk Chocolate 55% Cocoa will delight milk chocolate lovers who want to enjoy the ultimate, sophisticated balance of aromas.

Lastly, Lindt Excellence Milk Chocolate 65% Cocoa variant may suit the more daring milk chocolate lover looking for a refreshing change.

Find the Lindt Excellence pod by the entrance to this year's show to try their three new milk chocolate variants.

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