If you’re a baking enthusiast with a taste for lacey cake designs, you’ll be happy to know that Cake Lace will be making an appearance at this year’s show.

With Cake Lace, you can create intricately detailed lace designs to stick to your cakes and tiers, creating the illusion of a fine lacey material. The detailing is amazing and it’s so easy to do. In fact, if you’re around on Sunday 6th, you can catch a live demo from Gerry Cheng from Studio8 Cakes in the afternoon. She will be combining the use of Cake Lace and Spectrum Flow to create a snake cake - a genius design you won’t want to miss.

You can also see how it works in the video below.

The video shows off the hugely popular original white mix, but you’ll be able to see the huge variety on Cake Lace’s stand, including classic colours of black and white, red, blue, green, pink and purple, to pearlised mixes including silver, copper, gold and rose gold - a pre-mixed range in which the mixture dries with an extra added shine and firmer finish.

And of course, a variety of mat designs will be there to cater for any occasion. Cake Lace is often overlooked as a classic wedding cake feature, but the team will be there to show you how Cake Lace can turn any cake theme into an elegant display. It’s definitely worth a peek!

You can catch Cake Lace’s stand at E51 to get your hands on all the essentials.