With a show floor full of the latest trends and tools, we’ve picked the brains of our celebrity bakers and brand experts to reveal what’s currently cooking up a storm in kitchens across the country and got their predictions on the top baking trends of the year. And, getting us bang on trend, Food Network and YouTube star, Katie Pix, who is famed for creating quick easy hacks and indulgent treats, guest edits our recipe blog to share the secrets to her Boozy Self-Saucing Sticky Toffee Pudding…

A gaggle of well-respected bakers, chefs and foodie experts from The Cake & Bake Show have been talking baking trends ahead of the show opening next week and reveal the top six they predict will be on the rise over the next year:

1. Cake-Tails
The good old hybrid bake remains in vogue with the current mix of the moment being a boozy-infused combo of sponge laced with spirits. It’s an adventurous take on the craze of sconuts and duffin desserts that sparked imaginations with food and flavour hybrids over the last few years. Just with a bit of booze.

2. Botanical
Floral notes of lavender, rose and hibiscus alongside the more earthy tones of rosemary, basil and thyme are fast becoming a bakers favourite this year, adding a subtle botanical flavour to everyday baking. And seemingly it’s not just about taste, either. Flower power is one of the top decorative demands of the moment with edible flora and stunning sprigs cut fresh from the garden.

3. Minimalistic
It used to be all about the eccentric and OTT; a case of go big or go home, some would say. But now we’re all about simplicity with naked cakes, minimal ingredients and no-bake goodness proving to be a recipe for the stylish and trend-setters across the country.

4. Natural Beauty
A wave of health conscious cooking has seen an incredible rise in bakers infusing their cakes with healthier alternatives such as agave syrup, avocados and raw cacao. Fruits, nuts, seeds and even herbs are proving to be popular right now too. The trend doesn’t just apply to flavours, but also to the aesthetics so take your bakes back to their beautiful basics.

5. Around the World
With so many incredible flavours at our fingertips, a little exploration opens up a whole new world of baking. Taking cultural and traditional dishes and adding a modern day spin can make the most inventive and incredible tasting treats. Prepare to see a lot of Pumpkin Fritters and Coconut Mug Cakes dished up on the dining table soon.

6. Nostalgia
Nostalgia is back in a big way and we’re all hungry to revisit those old-school bakery vibes with Jam Roly Poly puddings, Black Forest Gateau, Trifle and Battenberg all making a come back. Time to dig out Granny’s old recipe book and bring back memories of yesteryear with retro flavours which remind us of our childhood.

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