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Battenberg Cake

Brighten up your coffee table with a classic and ever-popular Battenberg cake, with a simple, easy to follow recipe from Cake Decoration and Sugarcraft Magazine. You will need• 175g butter•…

Gluten Free Fudge Cake

Our Sponsor Food Thoughts are showing you how to create a classic that's gluten free but still delicious - the fudge cake.  Prep time: 15 minutes Cook time: 35 minutes…

Pistachio & Raspberry Cake

By Charlotte White Not only does this cake taste divine but it looks so very pretty too! There are a few optional elements to this recipe: firstly, Charlotte recommend's peeling…

Tangerine Chiffon Cake

Recipe from Food Heaven Magazine Deliciously light and delicate cake, perfect for afternoon tea or served with pouring cream for pudding. Preparation time 20 minsBaking time 35-40 minsServes 10-12 For…

Mocha and Hazelnut cream and caramel-Cognac Jelly served in a glass

Caramelized hazelnuts and praline powder: 300 g blanched hazelnuts300 g sugar60 ml wateroilHazelnut cream:1 gelatin leaf (2 g) Praline crème anglaise: 280 ml milk4 egg yolks80 g sugarpraline powderMocha cream:Coffee…

Vanilla Birthday Cake with Caramel Cream

Our Media Partner, Food Network have brought you this scrumptious Vanilla Birthday Cake with Caramel Cream- the ultimate crowd-pleaser! Ingredients For the cake 3/4 cup unsalted butter, room temperature1 1/3 cups…