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Upgrade your coffee with Tassimo by Bosch

As the cooler weather descends, cosy up and enjoy your favourite drinks perfectly made from the comfort of your own home with a new Tassimo machine.

Whether you enjoy a creamy latte, delicious cappuccino, intense espresso or a long black coffee, Tassimo by Bosch brews it at the touch of a button for a great drink every time. With a coffee for every taste thanks to its wide range of quality, well-known brands that offer a vast variety of unique blends, Tassimo uses INTELLIBREW™ technology to read the unique barcode on every pod and automatically adjust the brewing time, temperature and amount of water to precision. Your favourite coffee. Perfect, easy, every time.

From the best beans…

There are two main varieties of coffee - Arabica and Robusta – and Tassimo coffees have unique blended recipes of both beans. The different origins, growing locations,
climates and processing methods of the coffee beansresult in characteristic flavours, body and aroma, and Tassimo experts constantly assess the beans to maintain
the consistency and quality you deserve.

To perfect ground coffee in a pod…

Specific blends of beans from around the world are used for Tassimo coffee recipes, enabling the creation of the wide range of
aromas and flavours in Tassimo products. Roasting is key to the development of the beans, with experts creating roasting recipes
to produce the desired flavour of each pod. Grinding is also an important step, with beans ground to a specific size to ensure great flavour through every Tassimo machine.

Choose the machine for you

From the compact Vivy 2 model, essential Happy to the adaptable My Way 2, there’s a choice of Tassimo machine that suits you and your kitchen. Designed and made by
home-appliance expert Bosch, each Tassimo coffee machine will make a delicious drink that you can enjoy in the comfort of your own home using the expertise of Bosch technology.

Variety with your favourite brands

Providing over 50 coffee, chocolate and tea drinks, Tassimo offers a unique selection for its machines, including brands such as Costa, Cadbury’s, Kenco and L’OR.

Easy to recycle

And once you’ve made your drink, you can do your bit for the environment by not binning your pod, and instead recycling it using the new free Podback recycling service.