21 - 23 October 2022 ExCel, London

Cake Decoration & Sugarcraft are embracing the heatwave and loving the tropical cake trend, especially with this flamboyant flamingo! You can bake and decorate, and they can show you how!

Everyone will want a version of this super trendy flamingo cupcake. It’s a must-make for your social media.

Cake artist: Natalie Porter

15cm (6in) sponge cake
Approximately 1kg buttercream, coloured pale pink (tutorial uses Colour Splash raspberry)
30g teal/green flower paste (tutorial uses Rainbow Dust leaf and sea greens)
20g white flower paste
brush and water or edible glue
30g bright pink modelling paste mixed with 10g sugarpaste (Colour Splash raspberry)
15g black flower paste or sugarpaste
Petal dust: raspberry pink (PME), holly and ivy (Squires), sunflower (EdableArt),tangerine (EdableArt)
Piping bags
Star piping tip
Small cranked spatula
Tall metal side scraper
20cm (8in) board covered with approximately 200g bright pink sugarpaste (Colour Splash raspberry)
Cutting wheel and knife
Modelling and ball tools
6cm five-petal rose cutter
Square of tin foil
Dusting brushes

1 Print or trace the flamingo template onto a piece of paper. Roll out the pink paste and place the template on top. Use a pencil to trace over the flamingo - this will leave a faint outline on the paste.
2 Using the cutting wheel and knife, cut the flamingo out following the line traced in the previous step. Be careful around the neck and head as there are some tight bends and corners - it can be helpful if you remove the excess as you go along.
3 Roll out the remainder of the pink paste and cut out enough for two petals using the five petal cutter, using the knife to cut them loose from one
4 Use water to stick the wings on the body, one atop the other. Take a dry brush with a little dust and add shading around the wings and outline of the flamingo.
5 Roll out the remaining white and black paste, cut a small triangle from white and a smaller one from black to make the beak, attaching them to the flamingo with a little water. Roll a teeny ball of black for the eye, again attaching it with a spot of water.
Top Tip
Add the petal dust a little at a time as it's easy to accidentally overdo it - once it's on it won't come off!

1 Cut out two wings and just the head/neck of the flamingo, following steps 1 to 3 in the main tutorial. Place aside to dry...
2 Use a small angled palette knife to fill the top of the cupcake with buttercream.
3 Use a large star piping tip to pipe a swirl of buttercream. Stick the neck into the swirl of buttercream and the wings on either side.

Flamingo Template Sized on A4 Flamingo Step 17 Flamingo Step 18 Flamingo Step 19 Flamingo Step 20 

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