21 - 23 October 2022 ExCel, London

We have brought you a Cake Decoration & Sugarcraft exclusive tutorial from Britt Whyatt, Cake & Bake speaker and She Who Bakes blogger on how to make these ‘baby cakes’.

modelling paste in topper, blanket, skin, hair, dummy and bow colours.
edible glue

fluted circle cutters
small rolling pin
cone & star tool
ball tool

1 First, make the disk of paste for your baby to lay on. Roll out modelling paste to a thickness of a one-pound coin and using a fluted circle cutter, cut out the size required to comfortably top your cupcake. Leave this to dry on foam.

2 Next, make the blanket. Roll out a second colour of modelling paste to the same thickness.

3 Roll a small ball of skin coloured modelling paste and two small sausages. This will make the head and legs of your baby. Stick these in the middle of the blanket using a paintbrush and a little edible glue.

4 Paint a small amount of glue on the inner edges of the blanket.

5 Squeeze these edges together to wrap your baby in the blanket.

6 Use the cone tool to make the eyes.

7 Roll a small ball of pink modelling paste and glue this down below the eyes where the mouth would be. Using a small ball tool, press in, to make the dummy.

8 Roll two small balls of a chosen colour and stick to the top of the head to form a bow.

9 Roll a small sausage of hair colour. Roll up the end to form a curl and stick down between the two circles of the bow.

10 Using a little edible glue, stick your baby in a blanket to the fluted disc made earlier and top your cupcake.

If you want to find out more of about Britt's tutorials or visit her blog SheWhoBakes.

Award winning, ‘She Who Bakes’ Britt has been baking, blogging and teaching for just 5 years and her passion has developed quickly along with her skills and reputation. See Britt demonstrate live at The Cake & Bake Show in The Baking & Decorating Classroom and don’t forget to ask Britt your cake questions at ‘Slice of Advice’ too.